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Established in 1994 Accessible Housing is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Our mission is to provide affordable housing and services for people, whether they have a disability or are disadvantaged by social circumstance. Our vision is to be recognised as a leading housing provider to the community.

We believe in creating thriving and diverse communities that are socially and financially sustainable through the design, construction and the supply of new affordable homes that create a mixed community outcome.

With a portfolio in excess of 400 homes in the greater Adelaide region, we are specialists in the field of disabled housing and community housing. We also provide property and tenancy management services from our team of dedicated staff.

We pride ourselves on the quality and liveability of our developments, and aim to provide excellence in both the development of each project and the management of the affordable rental component of the developments.

Accessible Housing is governed by an experienced skill based Board of Directors, chaired by Nick Llewellyn-Jones and the staff team is lead by Operations Manager, Richard Tisher. We work in close partnership with local communities, service providers and government to provide developments that incorporate secure and affordable housing in South Australia.


  • We believe affordable housing is a fundamental right of all people irrespective of race, age, sex, religious belief, disability – physical or intellectual, psychiatric illness, sexuality, pregnancy, or marital status.
  • We believe the community has a responsibility to support fellow members who are disadvantaged and to promote social inclusion and social justice.
  • Financial viability is essential and is a tool used to achieve underlying social purposes.
  • Board Members and Staff will be chosen for their knowledge, values, skills and commitment, and assisted to continue upgrading their skills and knowledge appropriate to the tasks they perform.
  • Staff will be provided with adequate tools and resources to carry out their responsibilities and will be remunerated appropriately.
  • The organisation has a philosophy of continuous learning and continuous improvement.
  • The organisation will hold itself accountable to its tenants and funding bodies through regular reporting and a commitment to appropriate scrutiny from outside.


  • To provide affordable housing for people who are disadvantaged by income, disability or social circumstance.
  • To provide housing which meets community expectations and standards.
  • To provide tenant housing in a non discriminatory manner with fairness and equity.
  • To assist tenants in accessing services or resources to enable successful tenancies.
  • To manage affordable rental housing to a standard which provides safe and secure accommodation for vulnerable tenants.
  • To use tenant focus and tenant satisfaction as key drivers of our actions and policies.
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